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Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown & JT Bates (feat. CARM) - Sunsunday (S. Carey Remix) (Single)

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Sunsunday... S. Carey's remix of the distance/experimental fragment piece, Sunday, I made with JT Bates brings such different sides of the song to the surface. "We survived...we were reaching in the dark...for so much more than we could ever hope for."

When we composed this piece we worked in layers and pieces and when it came time to sing I just sang what came to me in the moment.

Survival... such a delicate and omnipresent subject right in these times. We need to keep singing about it. Need to keep reaching...for all the things we can ever hope for.

Sunsunday Remix by S. Carey
Mastered by Huntley Miller

Original version of Sunday by Pieta Brown & JT Bates (Featuring CARM)
Mixed by Alex Proctor
Mastered by Huntley Miller