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MASKS // Exposed
Written by Ryan Petteway
Dr. Ryan J. Petteway is a social epidemiologist and assistant professor in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, where he teaches on Gender, Race, & Class, Community Organizing, and Public Health Law, Policy & Ethics. His scholarship integrates critical theory, participatory research, and decolonizing methods to engage notions of epistemic, procedural, and distributive justice within public health knowledge production processes, particularly as related to “place” and health.  You can find more of his poetry at POETRY//Bars, including the National Poetry Month prize-winning piece TOGETHER//Untethered. His recent public health article here:  On Minority Health Month, Public Health Critical Race Praxis, and a Critical Need for Imagination



Can covering coughs
cover the costs of our American production?
Crises manufactured in the mouths of demagogues,
Idiosyncratic idiocies adorned in red ties
insipid claims of intelligence,
Suppressing science,
centuries of proof
Embodied in the bones and lungs of our lost:
America has 
never been asymptomatic. 

Testing for pathogens,
Finding ourselves
In the streaks of Western blots,
Unapologetically contaminated.
Wiping door knobs 
we wouldn't turn
For a neighbor
 who doesn't speak our language;
Searching for solvents to absolve our apologies
As the world becomes 
a 5G autoclave;
Covered in breaking coverage of tolls
Counting the uncovered,
unhoused, the unfree, the uninsured, the undocumented;
Uncovering the umbilical cord of infection:

How do you quarantine racism?
How do you "flatten the curve" 
of capitalism?
Patience? Hope?

Hope is an accelerant in an arson of indifference.
And we, 
are not the resistance
We are the 
We must 
burn their corneas,
Corner their consciousness
As wolves conditioned on the flesh of lies,
Tear their tongues for origami appetizers
On a glass tabletop of truth—
Organized to shatter, to cut;
To dislodge patience from the bends of our bones
And prayer from our cracking fingers,
Because god, 
is a lobbyist. 

The fire is here
And, no, our ride is not arriving.
It has been consumed by the flames of 
an arc
Fashioned from our sweat
Funded by the tithes and taxes
Of a hopeful populace that depletes toilet paper
And leaves matches fully stocked;
virally exploited hands with antibacterial soap,
Massaging monetized fear into palms
Dying to be raised as fists—
: Now leave. 

A drunken reality exposed by social distance,
Rubbing sanitizer on distilled inequality:
Let's put a mask on it, call it covid.
call it "Chinese,"
Or call it whatever the fuck we want
As long as we don't dare dream to call it enough.

At what point, exactly, does "it" become what it is?

When an actual pandemic poses no threat
To dreams of going viral?
When a president 
lays bare our true pathology in an ode
Ivan Drago—because what's a death to a dollar,
A “problem” to a patent, when there's a promise of a check?
As my brothers build and operate the warehouses,
My father trucks the products,
My mother stocks the shelves,
My partner treats the sick;
As our loved ones' skins scorch to dust
In sterilized boxes,
Should we wade through the world we made,
jealous of the material
Melting away inside?
Or purchase stock in 
natural gas?

I'll wait.

Six feet away from freedom.




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