Ruth Theodore's "Barbed Wire Fence" Single and Video Out Today

Ruth Theodore's "Barbed Wire Fence" Single and Video Out Today

Ruth Theodore today shares the rousing new single “Barbed Wire Fence”, a whimsical and rebellious anthem that celebrates queer love, freedom, and defiance.

Stream "Barbed Wire Fence" and watch the Official Video Here

Amongst nimble guitar picking, bouncing percussion, and warm horns the track transports the listener to a romp along the picturesque River Itchen in the British countryside. Through poetic verses and catchy choruses, Theodore weaves a tale of exploration that paints a vivid picture of the river's charm juxtaposed with the apparent absurdity of the man-made barriers she encounters - both physical and metaphorical.  Whether it's navigating private property or challenging political ideologies and social prejudices, the song's theme resonates with the universal desire for freedom and the courage to defy limitations. “Barbed Wire Fence” asks the listener to question and challenge the barriers that confine us, both physically and mentally, while embracing the spirit of adventure and solidarity in our journey towards liberation. The repeated refrain of "buttercup, we're coming up" serving as a rallying cry against the physical restrictions imposed on the many by the British landowning classes. 

The track is accompanied by a playful visual captured by Theodore’s cell phone in the very locations that feature so prominently in the song’s lyrics.

“Barbed Wire Fence” is the final single to be released in advance of Theodore’s I Am I Am album, out May 3rd and available for pre-order now.

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