Gracie and Rachel "Sidelines" music video

Gracie and Rachel "Sidelines" music video

Gracie and Rachel's moving new video "Sidelines" beautifully reminds us what is important in this life: each other. —ani

From the album "Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong" out now on Righteous Babe Records:

Gracie and Rachel say about the song and video: “Sidelines” comes from a very personal place for us. The song was written out of a feeling of loss and longing, a feeling of standing on the sidelines of yourself as you watch everyone else live their lives as you might want to.

Last year our family friend, Danny, passed away due to a tragic accident. Danny and his partner, Connie, were our New York surrogate parents – Danny built out our loft when we first moved to Brooklyn and we lived with him and Connie for two months while he helped bring our studio to life. 

The entire piece was based around our interview with Connie and the organic things she said to us while recalling her life with her partner. Director Andrea Gavazzi vision was to focus on the irreplaceable connection that can be made between two people, even through the difficult parts of a relationship, and how one can relearn their way of life when that person is no longer around. We hope it is a humble hug to those not necessarily sure how to put their next foot forward. 

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