The accolades for Anais Mitchell’s folk-opera Hadestown keep rolling in! Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Packaging (thanks to Brian Grunert, Peter Nevins and Anais), we’re also seeing it pop up on a lot of best of 2010 lists – here’s a few highlights: Popmatters Best Fantastical Music of 2010, #41 on Paste Magazine's Best 50 Albums of 2010, #9 on The Dumbing of America's Top Ten of 2010, Modern Acoustic's Favorite CD, Favorite Surprise CD and Favorite concert of 2010, #79 on Loft965 Top 100 of 2010 (Animal Prufrock comes in at #92)... We could go on… Instead we will pause here to raise our glass to Anais for an incredible album!

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