Grammy Award nominated art director Brian Grunert does so much more than design amazing CD packages for Ani DiFranco (Evolve, Educated Guess, Knuckle Down, and Reprieve among others)…He also helps facilitate the destruction of pianos in the name of art and music.

Catch this one of a kind performance! Hallwalls presents MONSTERS OF NATURE AND DESIGN this Wednesday, April 4 at 8pm at Asbury Hall at The Church (341 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY).

A duet of ritualized violence and stifled catharsis emerging from the dying shrieks of two sacrificial pianos, set againast a starkly jagged swirl of throbbing guitar feedback and pulsing percussion. This destructivist performance features Gary Nickard and Reinhard Reitzenstein with sound support from Buffalo’s legendary 1970’s era Post Punk band, The Vores, featuring Biff Henrich with friends Catherine Carfagna, Dave Meinzer, Joe Bompczyk, Scot Ryan, Guillermo Izquerdo, Tyrone Georgiou, Patty Wallace, Brian Grunert, Patrick Heyden, Thom Furtado and Phil Aguglia.

For safety purposes—and a Roman Coliseum ambience—audience members will only be seated in the balcony.

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