Over the years, Ani has slowly been fusing elements of hip-hop into her sound, most notably on the To The Teeth track "Swing," which featured a standout performance from guest MC Corey Parker. Now, Ani returns the favor, appearing on Corey's debut album, Subliminal Souls. Corey, the son of saxophone legend and James Brown sideman Maceo Parker (who guested on Ani's albums To The Teeth and Revelling/Reckoning), has been developing over the past 6 years as a member of his father's band, where he handles both lead and background vocals. Ani appears on the track "Pump Ya' Fist," described by Parker as a "hard-hitting, socio-political duet." Legendary musician and long-time Ani supporter Prince has already given the song his blessing, personally commending Parker and inviting him to a jam session at Paisley Park. In the footsteps of Ani, Prince, and recently, David Bowie, Parker has decided to record and market his CD without a major record label. "The emphasis should be on the music and allowing the artist to have freedom to create," says Parker. He adds "The freedom that I have had with this project has given me the chance to explore new things musically." The new album is available for online purchase at www.coreyparker.netand . You may also hear audio samples from both sites. See Corey currently touring with The Maceo Parker Band and soon with his own band supporting Subliminal Souls.

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